When Your Sex Life Needs a “Re-set” Button (Day 1: Valentine’s Month)

Does sex seem, how should I say it, blah?

Sometimes as married couples, we can find ourselves stuck in a rut.  We can get stuck on a variety of issues, but it is especially easy to get stuck when it comes to sex.


We have a hard time talking about it, and often, it hits on many of our deep issues of insecurity (both for us as wives, and for our men).

But the truth is, we don’t have to stay stuck.

I came across an article talks very frankly about this issue of being stuck.  The author offers loads of resources for wives about how to hit “re-set” on your sex life in order to see your marriage bed thrive again.

I felt like tip #4 out of her 6 tips is a great place to start and something that I will do today:


PRAY through your sex re-set.

The idea of committing your sex life to God, because He is committed to our marriages thriving, is powerful and mind-set shifting.

Ask the Lord to give you a generous heart towards your husband.  Ask Him to heal the broken areas of your marriage, and receive His powerful grace to take practical steps that will help you experience ABUNDANCE in your marriage.

Click here to read the rest of her super practical tips.

Happy Valentine’s Month!


ps – all that is written in my posts assume that you’re not in an abusive situation – if that’s the case, PLEASE get professional help.)