You Are A Better Wife When You… (Marriage Monday)

I walked into the kitchen this week, chattering with excitement over this blog I read by Beth Moore. As I offered my best attempts to recreate her expressions and the main point of her post for Wyatt, he smiled and with a chuckle said, “You are a better wife when you read Beth Moore.”

Before you misunderstand the point of this post, know this: his comment really didn’t have anything to do with Beth Moore (although I do love that woman, and have grown leaps and bounds from her love for God and His word).


His comment had everything to do with me (as a wife)

  • knowing what feeds my soul and what makes me come alive,

  • then intentionally making those things a regular part of my life.


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Feeding my passions changes my outlook on just about everything, impacting every relationship I have.

As I make room for what makes me come alive my steps are lighter and my eyes are brighter.  I am a better mom and wife when I’m feeding my passions.  I’ve also noticed that my husband is a happier man, and we have more stimulating and interesting conversations when I am making space in my schedule to invest in the things that make me feel more fully alive.

It’s sort of like the drop-down oxygen masks on airplanes…

You recall the announcer who always says, “Before helping the person bedside you with their oxygen mask, be sure to put your oxygen mask on first.”

If you spend your time giving everyone else oxygen before yourself, then you won’t last long. But if you first connect yourself to a source of life-giving energy, then you will be better equipped to function from a place of strength and overflow as you care for those closest to you. 

If we carry this metaphor over into relationships, your marriage will be a happier place if you make a point to give yourself a bit of “oxygen” on a regular basis.  And this is not just applicable for wives – we will be better off if we encourage our husbands to do the same!

So what is your “oxygen”? What gives you life and energy and fills you with fresh vision for life?

For me, as you all now know, one source of “oxygen” is listening to Bible teachers who love God’s word and God’s presence with passion. Another would be connecting with like-hearted women. (Both of those happen to be Beth Moore’s forte, which is why I feel so alive when I’ve read or listened to her stuff).  Others would be walking through Anthropologie to get my creative juices flowing or simply tending to my introverted heart by spending some uninterrupted alone time slowly sipping a steaming mug of hot coffee.



You can become a better wife as you…

  1. Know what makes you come alive.
  2. Find windows of time in your schedule for more of that “oxygen”.
  3. Encourage your husband to discover and invest in what makes him come alive.



Do you know your passions that are like “oxygen” in your life?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!!

(Do you  need help identifying your passions and what makes you come alive?  Here’s a resource for you.)