The God Experiene: Week 2 (The Beauty of Silence and Finding What We Really Want)

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I grab my phone like it’s my source of oxygen.  Reaching for the apps that keep me “connected” all the while feeling more and more disconnected from what I really want.

What do I really want?

It’s a huge question. Do I want more “likes”, more “comments”, more “friends”?  More noise, distraction, or entertainment?


Do I want more peace and internal rest?  More awareness and connection with God?

I know it doesn’t have to be this way, but often digital distractions seem to be at odds with deepening devotion to God.

The constant noise that comes from my iPhone is a very real temptation in my life.  And in the face of that temptation, I have to stop and remind myself of what I really want.  (And dont want.)

don’t want more clutter in my head and heart that often comes from the non-stop noise of digital distraction.

I want a quiet heart that is aware of God.

I want the deep satisfaction that comes from being with, and knowing God.

I want less empty interaction with strangers and more meaningful interaction with God throughout my day.

I want to stop watching other people’s lives, and really live my own life.

In this summer edition of The God Experience, together we are focusing on encountering God in the day-to-day and feeding our busy souls.

Soul-feeding happens when we  s l o w  d o w n  enough to be nourished by the nearness of God. (click to tweet) 

In the week 2 video I share…

  • the time I fell off a treadmill and how I feel like I’m still struggling with the same issue today.
  • how the vicious cycle of noise and distractions interrupt our experience of God.
  • how silence is an avenue for the longings of our soul to be led straight to the Satisfier of our souls.
  • how Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation by Ruth Haley Barton has helped shape my thinking and living.
  • the two choices we have as we face “the treadmill effect” in our lives.
  • a word on the compassion of God for YOU. (Psalm 145:8)


So here we go!  The God Experience: Week 2



Discussion Questions:

Our “chatting” happens here!  I’d LOVE to hear your responses to one, some or all of these questions in the comments section below.  And if someone’s comment resonates with you – please tell them so!  It’s way more fun to do this together.

OK- Let’s dive in!

1. Does anyone else identify with “the treadmill effect” that I talked about in my video?  In what ways do you feel like you are on a speeding treadmill?  Can you step off that treadmill so that you are able to sustain a calmer pace of life?

2. How does social media and the constant accessibility of your phone impact your ability to slow down internally?

3-a. If you were to sit in a comfy chair, and slow down for a moment, getting quiet with God and your thoughts, what sort of state would your soul be in?  Another way of asking this, is to reflect on a word that describes you this week.

3-b. And then imagine for a moment, what word God may have to say to you.  (If it comes from God, what you sense will match His character- it will be a word that is kind, compassionate, merciful, bringing you deeper into His love.)

4. We can’t run away from our real world lives and hide in a cave to find quiet.  We have to be realistic with our goals as we pursue this practice of silence.  What was one way you were able to practice getting quiet this week that was practically do-able, but spiritually refreshing?  (And if you have other ideas that weren’t written in the e-book, DO let us know!!)


And for your own times with God for the rest of this week, here is the “song of the week” for Week 2 of The God Experience, Kari Jobe’s “Be Still”.