A Different Approach To Marriage Monday – Going for More

I’ve realized something lately.

In my desire to proclaim hope in the context of marriage (casting vision for a “honeymoon marriage” that gets better with time instead of falling for the lie that after the honeymoon things will get worse) I may have come off like I was trying to be an “expert”.

And I’m totally not.

I am not a relationship counselor or a sex therapist or a professional marriage anything.  I’m just a 29-year-old mom of 4 who has been married 9 years…who messes up and gets selfish and fumbles the ball, but also who seeks God for wisdom and is inviting Him to be King and Lord in it all.

Friends, I still have lots to learn.  Lots.  No problem admitting that.

But I do know one thing.

With a limitless God, there is always more to be had in our marriages.

More wholeness, more blessing, more peace, more unity, more connection, more intimacy, more fun, more laughter, more wisdom, more LIFE in Him.

And that’s what I want.  His “more” in my life and in my marriage.

I’m just a young wife who, in the midst of a culture that doesn’t give marriage much hope, believes that there is hope for a “honeymoon marriage” for all of us.

I can have this honeymoon hope because I have Jesus hope – the belief that Jesus heals, grows and matures us as we give Him the space to love and lead us through life.

I also happen to believe that nothing impossible for God.




Recognizing that I don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes as a wife, with your hurts, your background, your personality, your current situation…I simply want to to be a friend.  I want to extend my hand and right here, right now in this space on Mondays, walk together WITH you into the “more” He has for us, and into “honeymoon hope”.

I want to walk with you, not dictate to you.  

I want to dream with you about what might happen if we pursued this “more” together.  

What if?

So instead of marriage “tips” that may communicate I’m some sort of expert, I’m going to start writing marriage “what-ifs”.

Marriage Monday “what ifs” will be simple ideas that may help us, may inspire us, may equip us to be fully alive as wives and doing our part in loving our guys well while building a honeymoon marriage.

No pretense.  No pressure.

No guarantees.  No expertise.

Just “what ifs” that I pray will inspire you, support you, and encourage you as you go for the “more” God has for you as a wife in your particular season of marriage.

Are you up for that?

In the future look for marriage “what-ifs” that will inspire and equip us to dream a little bigger for the future of our marriages, and to start with small steps now.


Until next week- and with much love and prayers for you and your marriage,


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