The God Experience Week 10 (Creativity as Worship)

Here we are!  We did it!  This is the final week of The God Experience, Summer Edition.  I’m feeling a bit amazed that we made it all the way through!  Between us, we’ve had babies, vacations, moves, and job changes.  This leaves me also feeling quite nostalgic.  I’m going to miss doing this with you!  Know that I’ve prayed for you and will continue to hold you dear to my heart.

Thank you, thank you – to you wonderful ladies who joined in through comments, those who joined in with the readings and you who may be just joining in!  You are all valued, cared for and loved.  It’s been a wonderful experience for me, and I pray it has for you too.

In today’s video I mention my new friend Emily Thomas who gifted me with her artwork at Declare.  I wanted you to meet Emily and a few other artists whose work/worship I enjoy in my home.  I highly recommend their art if you want to fill your home with biblical beauty or give a priceless gift to a friend. 

Hey Emily Thomas

Red Letter Words

Naptime Diaries

Be Small Studios

CK Design + Mission

(Each of these artists have been a part of the blogging conferences I’ve attended and their hearts are just as beautiful as their art.)

Week 10 Video


Discussion Questions

1. What is your favorite way of creatively connecting with God?

2. Do you have a piece of art that encourages your faith?

3. In what ways is your heart more open to God when you are in the midst of a creative pursuit, than maybe in other more “linear” times?

4. As you think back over the past 10 weeks, would you mind commenting about your favorite week, and why?  I’d LOVE to hear your feedback and how God has been working in your life through The God Experience.

*In the back of The God Experience, there is a questionnaire.  If you have time, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes there.  As you look back and see where God spoke to you most clearly, you’ll realize which weeks were most fruitful for you.  This give you a starting place to go deeper in God, now that our official study is over.  Good thing we’re friends and the end of this is just the start of something else!  


Here is the song for the week, by Will Reagan and United Pursuit, “Give Me a Song”