Saying Yes…To More Sex Talks

I recently shared about my blogging/social media break last semester.  It was water to my soul.

In the middle of “stepping back” , God began opening doors when I didn’t even ask. Invitations started coming through word of mouth, and before I knew it, my entire spring semester for this year was booked with speaking opportunities.

What’s even more amazing, is that all but one of my speaking engagements were requested to be on one of the main topics that God has been teaching me about for the past 10 years…the power of intimacy in marriage, and hope for a honeymoon marriage.

say yes...

Though I’ve somewhat resisted stepping up to talk about sex in public (I guess I’ve not wanted to be known as “the sex lady”), He has made it clear that at least for now, this is what He longs for me to do.

But ya’ll – even in the at-times awkwardness of talking about sex in the church, He is really so good.  

I can feel His joy while I step out in this place of faith.  

Because I can see the healing, goodness and fullness He is offering us -in EVERY area of life.  Especially in the area of sex in marriage.  

And you know what?  The more I say YES to God, the more free I’m becoming to walk by faith 

I’m not totally sure where this will all lead, but for now I feel like God is prompting me to talk about the abundance of sex, the abundance of pleasure, the abundance of purpose, and the abundance God’s presence in the heart of a man and a woman in marriage, and how that can dramatically impact our kids, our careers, our communities, and even the direction of our country.  

It’s the ripple effect of God’s abundance for us.

I’m honestly a little unsure and a bit nervous, but this is where He is leading me right now.  I’d really appreciate your prayer and encouragement as I try to get out the boat and step onto the waters.

Please pray for me, that I would be bold.  As long as He is leading to me to share this message.

As God is giving me the grace to speak of my journey, and in effort to be faithful in stewarding that message, most of what I blog about here will be centered around the topic of sex in marriage.  (If you aren’t into this topic or it doesn’t apply to you, I give you my full blessing to unsubscribe from my blog, or simply move on.  I will try not to let it hurt my feelings. :))

But if you’d like to follow me as I follow Jesus into the waters of wholeness, new ways of considering married sex and a marriage fully alive, then, yay.  I’m excited.

I’m working on some fun things with the women I’m speaking to (a little trial run for what may come to the blog in the future) and I’d love to stay in touch as those things move forward.  Subscribe stay in the loop.

I’m humbled to be on this journey with you, friends.  Humbled.  And excited.