Happy Valentines Day! 28 Days of FREE Tips For a Better Marriage

It’s Valentine’s Day.

And thanks to the wonderful power of commercialism, we all have visions of teddy-grams, loads of red flowers and heart-shaped candy dancing in our heads.

It’s fun to anticipate a day of love, but don’t you want MORE than a day of love…?

How about a LIFETIME of love?  

Yeah.  Me too.

I wrote this series last year called, “Valentines Month: The Hot Wife Series”.

I know the title sounds kind of corny, but the implications of taking a month to focus on intentionally increasing acts of love and intimacy in a marriage are H U G E.




It’s a MONTH of FREE tips and practical strategies to make your love life awesome everyday – not just on Valentine’s Day.

Start here  for the intro.

Day 1 – A Sex Re-Set

Day 2 – Sex on the Brain, and Having the Mind of Christ

Day 3 – The Sexiest Bible Verse..?

Day 4 – 22 Ways to Flirt

Day 5 – How To Pray for Your Sex Life

Day 6 – 7 Anti-Aphrodisaics, and How to Avoid Them

Day 7- Choosing Sex, Even When You’re Tired

Day 8 – Why Going on Walks Could Help Your Marriage

Day 9 – How to Give, and Get REAL Love

Day 10 – Are You Roommates, or Lovers?  

Day 11 – The Selfie That Could Change Your Marriage

Day 12 – 3 Compliments to Give Your Man Everyday

Day 13 – 4 Tips For Great Conversations In Your Marriage

Day 14 – What You Need to Know About How He Thinks

Day 15 – What to Say, When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want Sex

Day 16 – Working to Forgive: The Way to a Truly Happy Marriage

Day 17 – 10 Simple Ways to Enjoy More Quality Time In Your Marriage

Day 18 – How to Switch Gears, from Tired Mom to Hot Wife

Day 19 – Dating My Husband, and The Gift He Wants Most

Day 20 – Habits of a Happy Marriage

Day 21 – Shift Your Focus: From Frustration to Affection

Day 22 – Four Foods to Boost Your Sex Life

Day 23 – How God’s Unusual Dream For Your Marriage

Day 24 – The 4 Most Important Words You Can Say

Day 25 – 3 Questions to Make Your Husband’s Day Year

Day 26 – 3 Must-Reads for Every Married Woman

Day 27 – A Dangerous Marriage Assumption and 5 Simple Ways to Fix It 

Day 28 – Valentine’s Month Highlight Reel


I’m excited that together can discover possibilities for building a honeymoon reality…with better emotional connection, more fun in conversation, and greater pleasure in the intimate parts of our marriages… even when we’re tired, feeling awkwardstressed, or just plain busy.

I am HONORED to walk this road with you.  And out of a heart of love for you, I am working to develop more content on this theme of great married sex.  Subscribe over there on the right, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for new posts and fresh ideas.  They’ll come right to you.


Happy early Valentines Day, and know that YOU ARE LOVED dearly by our good God.  

ps – when you get stuck, and don’t quite feel like the romance, remember this:

Actions of love LEAD to feelings of love.”