The Power of Married Sex…a podcast

Today I’m talking with my friend Heather.  She hosts an inspiring podcast and blog called The God Centered Mom.

You will love her.



I was honored when Heather invited me onto her podcast to talk about The Power of Married Sex.

Here’s the summary from her site…

What we talk about:

  • The path of obedience God took me on this past fall & the topic He has called me to speak/write about.
  • Encouragement to those in a relationship with addiction/abuse to get professional help.
  • My southern upbringing, knew about abstinence but not about abundance within marriage.
  • The negative messages I received requiring me to rewire thinking about sex–how it’s good, why and it’s purpose.
  • The one need of your husband you are the only one who should fill it–privilege perspective instead of a burden.
“Sex is a key that emotionally connects a husband and a wife.”
  • Considering his need before your own is the key to connection.
  • The science and hormones involved in sex.
“The more the more, the less the less”
  • How our society benefits from a healthy sex life–higher goal than “have to”
  • 7 tips for the tired mom who struggles switching gears to hot wife.
  • The contents of my “tired mom bathroom tool kit” (make your own!).
“Actions of love lead to feelings of love.” -Tim Keller


Click here –> &  listen in on our chat!