My Wife Fail of the Week: When Words Go Wrong (a video)

There are times in my marriage where fear and insecurity push an invisible button in my heart.

And if I’m not living connected to and overflowing with the love of Jesus, that internal button gets pushed and out come words I regret.  It’s like I lose my love filter and spew whatever comes to my head first.  Yuck.

The tooth paste effect in real-time.  Once it comes out, I can’t put it back.  Anyone relate?

That was my story last week.  I felt confronted by an insecurity, and in an effort to protect my heart, I defensively erupted with a few choice words that cut my husband down.

The bottom line: words are powerful.

In order to bless and not hurt my husband with my words, and in order to live from a place of true confidence where hurtful words are not triggered by my own insecurites,  I had to get with God.

I was dry and I needed Him fill my empty spaces and my insecure places,

like only He can do.

And as I came before Him with my mess, God reminded me of who I want to be.

I want to be a wise woman.  A wise woman who builds her house with her words.  (Proverbs 14:1)  A woman who knows her words are powerful uses her words to speak life and truth and encouragement.

Never to use my words as defensive weapons to tear down, but as life-giving tools to build up.

So, here’s the story…