Why Our Bodies Are Amazing.

I’ve been quiet here lately.  Mostly because God has me in a place of study, and I’m not good at multi-tasking.  For the past few months, I’ve been diving deeply into the theology of the body and sexuality.  Interesting timing, eh?

And friends, the more I study sexuality from a biblical worldview, the more my heart stands in complete awe and worship of our good and loving God.


Lately I have noticed feelings of discontentment. Places where I fearfully reach (as an orphan) instead of peacefully receive (as a daughter). And I'm realizing that the surest way to overcome discontentment and the fear of (whatever may be that day) in my heart is to fix my gaze on the goodness of God.  FIX IT.  not glance and forget.  Fix it.  Set my heart of the unchanging reality that He. Is. Good.  And that, my friends is the truth. And because He really is good, I can trust Him with the areas of life that often fall into that pit of fear and discontent.  He's not withholding.  He's leading.  And in His wake are goodness and mercy.  Trust Him today.  Trust His goodness.  It's for you.  #self-preach  #godisGOOD #nolongerorphans #psalm16 #psalm73 #psalm23

I have wept, overwhelmed with the love of God, as I discover His truth about sexuality and our bodies.  It’s good news, friends.  Good news.

I’m discovering Gospel truths from Genesis – Revelation.  All of it presenting truths that don’t condemn, but bring freedom.  Verses that I’ve read countless times in the past are taking on fresh life as I come to God seeking His truth on the topic of sexuality.

God is faithfully revealing His UNCONTAINABLE GOODNESS, as it is reflected in how He intentionally He made our bodies, male and female.


Here’s one of the ideas I’ve been thinking about lately:

God made our bodies awesome.

Our bodies were divinely created by God, for God and only in God find their true meaning and purpose.

Our bodies were His good idea.

It stuns me that God would stamp his very likeness on the body of a male and the body of a female, creating them in His image, so that we would know what He is like.

Our bodies are not dirty, ugly, shameful or useless.

But as we are redeemed in Christ, our bodies and our sexuality are seen for what they are: glorious, key parts of God’s amazing plan to call the world to Himself.


More will be trickling in on this topic in the future…


For now, MUCH love and grace-