Having Fun With Your Marriage: A Video Chat With Wyatt and Francie

The experts say that moving is one of life’s top stressors.  And they’re right.  We had incredible help from family, but still, our marriage felt the impact of our move.  As we transitioned into a new space with new dynamics for our whole family, we tried hard to re-establish a sense of connection and normalcy for our marriage.

But it was just that.  Hard.


So instead of letting an intense season of life get more intense with time and pressure, we snagged an hour of a babysitter’s time and went out to play.

Sometimes our marriage reaching its full potential in the midst of life’s stressors doesn’t mean trying harder or working longer.  It means having more fun.  It means taking off our serious task hats, and putting on our playmate hats.  It means enjoying each other.  Simply because we were designed to walk together through life with abundant joy.  And such joy is usually found in delighting in the simple things of life.

Here’s my hubby and I with an impromptu chat about our latest “fun” date.