Thankful….for My God-given Sexual Power

One thing I’ve been learning over the past 10 years is about my God-given sexual power as a wife.  And how it can bring connection, rest, light-heartedness, restoration, laughter, and too-good to be true feelings to my husband.



As we go around the table this Thanksgiving and share what we’re thankful for, I’m going to stand up, raise my glass, and say I’m thankful for my God-given sexual power.

Actually, no I’m definitely not.  I’m way to scared to say that out loud.  And that’d be just plain awkward.  I’ll probably say I’m thankful for the turkey.  And my kids.  And all the other blessings of the Lord.

But it’s still true, even if I don’t say it out loud.

Although most days I’m tired and pulled in one thousand directions, I’m am truly grateful for the gift of married sex and the God-given power I have as a wife to invest into my marriage.  (more to come on “the sexual power of a wife” next week)

But for now – Happy Thanksgiving!  And if you’re on a road trip this weekend, maybe you could pop your ear buds in and give a listen to this podcast on the power of married sex.